Mom Poem #2


Dear mom,

Thank you

Thank you for encouraging me to go beyond my best

Thank you for being there when someone left our lives and left us for dead

Thank you for being my mom

I know I should have giving you more,

I know  I messed up,

Forgive me


Finally its the end!


The end

So its the last blog for the blogging challenge, yay!

  • I wrote 13 blogs
  • 10 were school based
  • I got one comment
  • I never really liked any of the blogs so I can’t pick one I enjoyed
  • My blog theme was a fish thing because that was the first one I saw
  • I have 10 widgets and that’s all I need
  • I have 8 oversea students on my blog roll
  • I used a lot of animal thing on my blog
  • In the blog challenge I didn’t really grow it was just mandatory to write more

Okay so I asked my friend Eva who has never seen my blog to answer the rest of the questions.

  • The snow leopard pictures
  • My theme
  • The background
  • Less widgets

Now I’m done. Evil laugh.

The Snowy Snow Leopard

So we were told to researcher and talk about a animal. I choose you Snow Leopard! The Pokemon puns! Okay so first Snow Leopards are my favorite animals currently (it changes a lot).

So snow leopards have extremely large paws. These paws help it more around snow and rocks. They also have a white-yellow pelt with black spots to help them blend in with the rock and snow. Their tall is long and thick to help them stay steady.

So my conclusion is Snow Leopards are majestic beautiful animals. No look at their beauty.


Snow leorpard

Snow leorpard





when you look in my eyes, some say they are the windows to the soul

No, they are the darkness in us with a little flame

that flame is our soul

some choose to light it big and bright

but others kill it for ever

but no matter it will go out eventually

Forever Blackout



So this weeks blog is a choose and I choose number six ” The electricity grid went out in your country. What would change in your lifestyle? How would you relax?”. Okay lets do this.  So in my house if the power went out we would go and get candles and flashlight. We would also make sure not to open the freezer or fridge, we do this so we can keep in the cold and so the meat won’t go bad. We would also put or cats in their room because they get CRAZY when its a black out!

Okay entertainment time. Normally I would watch television or play video games, but I love to read. We would spend days if we could just reading. (I my self love fiction.) But we can’t read all day, sadly. But we would just do every thing we could and really do.

Even tho I would be just fine I would get really bored not watching T.V., I mean not knowing what would happen in my shows, but I’ll live. So that’s what I would do. What would you do if it was a forever blackout?

On my way




So I know that Ms.W has suggestions about this weeks blog but I’m going to do this my way. So me and my friend Eva have already thought about Collage and our life as friends. Eva wants to be a photographer and I want to be a veterinarian so if I have to go to lets say Asia she would come with me to take pictures of plants or animals, so it would all work out one way or another. Lets begin.

So after High school me and Eva are going to or State Collage for the full four years then I’m going to a good veneration collage and Eva’s going to a good collage nearby. After we graduate we’re going to Australia. I’ll be working with animals and Eva would be taking pictures of flowers and animals. We would rent a apartment to share or a house, we all ready planed what the house/apartment would look like but I’m not going into that. If I had to go on a trip lets say to China Eva would come with me to take pictures of wild life.

So that kind of the basic idea of what me and my friend have planed. So I don’t know what to say know so I’ll sum up what I wrote. Me and my friend will go to collage together. Them move to Australia to work, And will be best friends forever. Friendship is magic!


Its That Time Again



So its that game where we go from blog to blog to blog then we comment on the third one and we do that three times. Last time it took me about two hours because a lot of blogs have no blog roll. So after I write about the the blogs I will tell you how long it took me.

Lucia’s blog was the first on I found. All tho she didn’t have a lot of posts I commented on her about me.

Next I found Alec’s blog. The post he wrote I was able to relate to because it was about Anne Frank, and I’ve read books about her.

Abby was last. I found her blog had a lot of depth and meaning and it really made me think.

Okay just like last time it took me about two hours to find blogs with a blog roll. It was really frustrating for me because it took away the time I could be doing other homework or the stuff I have to do at home. I also think the blog can improve if they never played this game.

The fandom

Photo credit

So this week’s post is supposed to be about somethings that’s our favorite, so I’m going to talk about my fandom. Here’s a website where you can learn what the Fandom is if you don’t know!  So I have A LOT of fandoms My Little Pony, Monster High, Shopkins, Dr.Who, and Harry Potter. So I know a lot of you are thinking that that’s a lot, but its all under one thing and I love it. So for me I live and breath my fandoms because I have no life and that’s very common for people. For example I finished the Harry Potter series about a month ago but I’m going to start rereading it tonight, Why? Because its amazing! And it helps to have friend that are in the same fandom and can introduce me into new fandoms.

So now I’m going to talk about my fandoms. For most of my fandom’s I talk to people online because no one I know likes that fandom, and it’s a good place to find people like you.  Okay back to the topic the fandom is important to me because I can express myself, like a rainbow. So now I’m going to talk specifically on what I do in all my fandoms. So first up My Little Pony, so obviously I never miss a episode especially now since season five started last saturday, and I’m trying to get all of their merchandise. Monster High time, I know they have A LOT of dolls but if there is a new character I try to get her or him. Plus the books and movies are pretty good. Shopkins, I just fined them this year but they are awesome. Shopkins are little store items with faces, arms, and legs. There are two seasons I have a little bit of season one but I have a lot of season two. Dr.Who I just started watching but its amazing.

Now Harry Potter time. So I am a CRAZY Harry Potter fan, and the author J.K.Rowling s amazing. There are seven books and eight movie. So this might sound crazy but I am trying to get all of the merchandise. I already own all the movies, all of the books, and the time turner from book two The Chamber of Secrets. So I’m going to try and rap this up so pretty mush my fandom is my favorite thing every and the only thing I ever look ford to.